Yeti Films
English Polski
Genre: family
Director: Evgany Ruman
Release Date: 8th September 2012
Cast: Itay Scharbeck, Ola Shor-Selktar, Tomasz Sobczyk, Vitali Voskoboinikov, Alosza Awdiejew
Igor and the cranes' journey

Igor, a young teenager from Moscow, immigrates to Israel with his mother and learns to adapt to his new life and better connect with his father, via following Karl, a young crane on its first migration journey from Siberia to Africa.

Director: Evgeny Ruman

Screenplay: Dita Guery, based on Acky Shavit

DOP: Adam Sikora Production Designer: Wojciech Żogała

Co-production: UCM (Israel), Yeti Films (Poland), Ulysses Film Produktion (Germany)

Sales agent: SOLA MEDIA

Duration: 90 minutes

Format: Feature, 35mm.

Language: Russian / Hebrew (with subtitles) Sound: Dolby Stereo



Toronto International Film Festival 2012

Chicago International Film festival 2012

International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! 2012

Regiofun - The International Festival of Film Producers 2012

Het Jeugdfilmfestival 2012

Jewish Film Festival in Berlin & Potsdam 2013

Jewish Motifs International Film Festival 2013


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