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English Polski
Genre: thriller
Director: Jacek Koprowicz
Release Date: 26th March 2010
Cast: Jerzy Stuhr, Maciej Stuhr, Ewa Błaszczyk, Karolina Gruszka, Andrzej Chyra

Mistyfication tells a controversial story from the life of a great Polish artist and provocateur Witkacy, taking place in late 1960s, almost two decades after his alleged death. The screenplay by Jacek Koprowicz was in fact inspired by the actual events. In 1968 substantial evidence appeared that S.I. Witkiewicz did not actually commit suicide in 1939 and is living a clandestine life, well-hidden from knowledge of the communist regime. Later, in the 1980s when the body was exhumed from the artist?s grave by the authorities, it turned out to be a body of a young woman. The communist authorities begin prompt investigation to expose the fraud. And to coerce the artist into collaboration. The role of Witkacy will be played by Jerzy Stuhr, one of the greatest Polish cinema actors of all time. Lazowski, the secret police agent deeply fascinated by the object of his investigation, will be played by his son Maciej Stuhr, who is also a popular younger generation actor. They will be accompanied by a star-filled cast including: Wojciech Pszoniak, Andrzej Chyra, Olgierd Łukaszewicz & Karolina Gruszka. Mistyfication is a powerful psychological crime drama, where the thin line between the fact and fiction becomes more and more diffused with each step of Lazowski's investigation.

Witkacy: Jerzy Stuhr Łazowski: Maciej Stuhr Czesława: Ewa Błaszczyk Witkiewicz: Olgierd Łukaszewicz Hairdresser: Wojciech Pszoniak Secret service officer: Andrzej Chyra Zuza: Karolina Gruszka Jadwiga: Ewa Dałkowska Leopold: Waładysław Kowalski Caretaker: Krzysztof Stroinski Lolobrygida: Ewa Kasprzyk Askenazy: Jerzy Nowak



35th festiwal Polskich Filmów Fabularnych w Gdyni (konkurs główny, 2010)

22th Polish Film Festival in Chicago (2010)


DOP: Arkadiusz Tomiak

Production Designer: Jagna Janicka

Music: Włodek Pawlik

Co-production: Syrena Films

Dystribution: Syrena Films

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