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Genre: drama
Director: Marleen Gorris
Release Date: 8th October 2010
Cast: Emily Watson, Urlich Tukur, Ian Hart, Benjamin Sadler, Agata Buzek
Within the Whirlwind

Within the Whirlwind is an epic story about human fates in the horrible times of totalitarian regime. The script was based on the bestseller biography of one of the most famous Russian dissident - Eugenia Ginsburg. The story of her life has been compared to some plots of a five-time-Oscar-winner "Doctor Zhivago" by Boris Pasternak. Thus, Eugenia's Ginsburg life was even more dramatic and moving and, what?s most important, genuine and with happy ending. The film is made in a co-production with Tatfilm (Germany) - the co-producer of an Oscar winning "The Last King of Scotland" (Forest Whitaker - Oscar 2006 for the best male role). In the leading role we will see Oscar-nominee Emily Watson, known from "Breaking the Waves" by Lars von Trier. The film will be directed by Marleen Gorris, an Oscar-winner for the best foreign film in 1996 -"Antonia's Line".

A drama in a German-Polish-Belgian co-production Producer: Christine Ruppert (Tatfilm, Germany) Co-producers: Piotr Mularuk and Magdalena Napieracz (Yeti Films, Poland) Hubert Toint (Saga Film, Belgium) Vincent Macheras (Lorival, France)

Film is made in a co-production with Polish Television S.A. and Polish Film Institute.

Screenplay: Nancy Larson Marleen Gorris & Wojciech Gajewicz

Director: Marleen Gorris Cast: Emily Watson, Urlich Tukur, Ian Hart, Benjamin Sadler, Agata Buzek

Director Of Photography: Arkadiusz Tomiak Costume

Designer: Jagna Janicka, Katarzyna Lewiaska

Production Designer: Ewa Skoczkowska

Editor: Ewin Ryckaert

Music: Włodek Pawlik

Release date (Poland): 8 October 2010


New York Jewish FF (2010)

The Boston Jewish FF (2009)

34th Polish Film Festival (Polonica, 2009)

Haifa IFF (2009)

Ghent IFF (2009)

Camerimage (2009)

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