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Genre: creative documentary
Director: Pavel Stingl
Release Date: 26th May 2008
Cast: Marie Alešová, Věra Arnsteinová, Mája Randová, Liběna Hájková, Mario Petrovsky, Vera Polyakova, Rudolf Vilim
A Baluty Ghetto

These same homes and houses, these same streets where many years ago Jews spent every moment fighting for survival, are today inhabited by new residents. Before World War II, Baluty was a feared crime-ridden neighbourhood. Immediately after occupying Poland, the Nazis established a Jewish ghetto here, which housed 200,000 Jews waiting for their death. After the autumn of 1941, they were joined by Jews from five Czech transports. Life in the poor, working-class district of the industrial town of Lodz is marked by poverty, alcohol and unemployment. Baluty then and Baluty now have much in common. Images from the past and present of this stigmatised place are brought together by interviews with the area?s original and current inhabitants and reporter Henryk Ross?s unique photographs from the distant past. On his way to Lodz, director Pavel Štingl ran into photographer Karel Cudlín, whose photographs created during filming make up this accompanying exhibit. By screening the film together with the exhibition, we have created a unique project in which Cudlín?s contemporary photographs hold up a mirror to Ross?s wartime images used in the film.

"A Ghetto Named Baluty"/"Litzmannstadt Ghetto Report"/ "Ghetto jmĂŠnem Baluty"

A feature-length documentary by Pavel Ĺ tingl Written and directed by: Pavel  Stingl Produced by: K2 s.r.o., Yeti Films Sp. z o.o., Evolution Films s.r.o., Czech Television Ostrava Studio Cinematography: Miroslav Janek Editing: Tonièka JankovĂĄ Sound: Michael Míèek, Daniel NĂŹmec Dramaturgy: Hana JemelĂ­kovĂĄ, Lenka PolĂĄkovĂĄ Production manager: Ondøej Zima With financial support from: State Fund for the Support and Development of Czech Cinema, Polish Film Institute Support: Archive of Modern Conflict/Collection Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto Distributed by: K2 s.r.o Distribution premiere: 26 May 2008 (the screening includes the opening of an exhibition of photographs by Karel CudlĂ­n)


Genre: documentary film

Running time: 87 minutes

Year completed: 2008 Medium: DVD/DV Cam/Beta Digital Colour: Colour/black-and-white Aspect ratio: 16:9



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FITES AWARD - TRILOBIT (Najlepszy Reżyser, 2008)

Czech Golden Lions - Best Documentary (2008, nominacja)

9th Crossroads of Europe IFF (Nagroda główna, Poland, 2009)

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