Yeti Films
English Polski
Genre: horror
Director: vacat
Release Date: 2014
Cast: tbc

An attempt to come to terms with the Holocaust through a modern day horror story. Eva and Igor are young, talented professionals who take full advantage of a living in a new dynamic Poland. They are the first ones to move into a brand new apartment building they themselves designed. But their building is built on the infamous Umschlagplatz, where thousands of Jews died during the war and the ghosts of those days have not yet come to rest. As the story unfolds Eva and Igor must either face the unspeakable nightmares of the past or be swept away by evil residing within the walls of their new built home. SCRIPT: Gabor Krigler STATUS: story outline PRINCIPAL PHOTOGRAPHY: 2013 LOOKING FOR: Co-development Partner, Co-producer Developed with financial support of the Polish Films Institute

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