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Genre: biography
Director: vacat
Release Date: 2016
Cast: vacat
Life As Film

When he walked barefooted into town he was just a kid who wanted a better life than his stettle had to offer. Years later Moshe Wacs was the most prolific and successful film director in Poland of the 1930’s, whose slapstick comedies catered to the lowest needs of the audience. He was also a man of astounding culture, a scandalist, a stout anti-semite, a professed homosexual and a man behind the making of “ The Dybbuk”, the single greatest achievement of Jewish cinema of pre – war Europe. This is the story behind the making of that film, as well as a tribute to a world that has been erased from our planet: the vibrant, bohemian Jewish community of Warsaw 1930’s – better known as Paris of the East… SCRIPT: Ɓukasz M. Maciejewski (winning script of the Hartley-Merrill Contest, Polish Edition 2010) STATUS: 4th draft PRINCIPAL PHOTOGRAPHY: 2013 LOOKING FOR: Co-Producer Developed with financial support of the MEDIA Programme

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